Article 843. Savings Book.

1. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the conclusion of a bank deposit agreement with a citizen and the deposit of funds into his account on the deposit shall be certified by a savings book. The bank deposit agreement may provide for the issuance of a personal savings book or bearer savings book. The bearer savings book is a security. In the savings book, the name and location of the bank (Article 54) must be indicated and certified by the bank, and if the contribution is made to the branch, also to its corresponding branch, the account number of the deposit, as well as all cash amounts credited to the account, all cash funds debited from the account, and the balance of funds on the account at the time of the savings book to the bank. Unless a different state of the deposit is proven, the data on the deposit indicated in the savings book shall be the basis for the calculation of the deposit between the bank and the depositor. 2. The deposit, the payment of interest on it and the execution of the depositor’s instructions on transferring funds from the deposit account to other persons are made by the bank upon presentation of the savings book. If the name savings book is lost or rendered ineligible for presentation, the bank, at the request of the depositor, gives it a new savings book. Restoration of rights on a lost bearer savings book is carried out in the manner prescribed for bearer securities (Article 148).

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