Article 859. Termination of a bank account agreement.

1. The bank account agreement is terminated at the request of the client at any time. 1.1. Unless otherwise provided by the contract, if there are no funds in the client’s account and operations on this account for two years, the bank has the right to refuse to execute the bank account contract, having warned the client in writing. A bank account agreement is considered to be terminated after two months from the day the bank sent such a warning, if no funds were received by the client during this period. 2. At the request of the bank, the bank account agreement may be terminated by the court in the following cases: when the amount of funds stored in the client’s account is lower than the minimum amount stipulated by banking rules or the contract, if such amount is not recovered within one month from the date of warning the bank about it; in the absence of operations on this account during the year, unless otherwise provided by the contract. 3. The balance of funds in the account is issued to the client or, at his direction, transferred to another account no later than seven days after receipt of the relevant written application from the client. 4. Termination of a bank account agreement is the basis for closing a client’s account.

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