Article 879. Payment of check.

1. The check is paid at the expense of the drawer. In the case of depositing funds, the procedure and conditions for depositing funds to cover a check are established by banking rules. 2. A check is payable by the payer on the condition that it is presented for payment within the period prescribed by law. 3. The payer of the check is obliged to verify by all means available to him of the authenticity of the check, as well as that the bearer of the check is an authorized person. When paying for an endorsed check, the payer is obliged to verify the correctness of the endorsements, but not the signatures of the endorsers. 4. Losses incurred as a result of payment by the payer of a forged, stolen or lost check shall be borne by the payer or the drawer of the check, depending on whose fault they were caused. 5. The person who has paid the check has the right to demand the transfer of the receipt to him to the receipt of payment.

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