Article 885. Consequences of non-payment of a check.

1. In the event that the payer refuses to pay the check, the check holder is free to sue one, several or all persons obligated by the check (the drawer, avalists, endorsers) who are jointly and severally liable to him 2. The check holder shall have the right to demand from these persons payment of the check amount, their costs of receiving payment, as well as interest in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 395 of this Code. The same right belongs to the person obliged to check after it has paid the check. 3. The claim of the check holder against the persons specified in clause 1 of this article may be brought within six months from the date of the expiry of the period for presenting the check for payment. Regressive claims for claims of obligated persons to each other are repaid with the expiration of six months from the day when the corresponding obligated person has satisfied the claim, or from the day of filing a claim to him.

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