Article 898. Extraordinary storage expenses.

1. Storage costs for items that exceed normal expenses of this kind and which the parties could not foresee when concluding a storage agreement (extraordinary expenses) are reimbursed to the custodian if the depositor has agreed to these expenses or subsequently approved them, as well as in other cases provided for law, other legal acts or contract. 2. If it is necessary to make extraordinary expenses, the keeper shall request the bailor to consent to these expenses. If the bailor does not report its disagreement within the time specified by the custodian, or within the time normally required for a response, it is considered that he agrees to extraordinary expenses. In the case where the custodian made extraordinary storage expenses, without having received prior consent from the depositor for these expenses, although this was possible in the circumstances of the case, and the depositor did not subsequently approve them, the custodian may claim compensation for extraordinary expenses only to the extent of damage caused things if these expenses were not incurred. 3. Unless otherwise provided by the contract of storage, extraordinary expenses shall be reimbursed in excess of the remuneration for storage.

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