Article 905. Application of general provisions on storage to its individual types.

General provisions on storage (Articles 886 - 904) apply to certain types of it, unless the rules on individual types of storage contained in Articles 907 - 926 of this Code and other laws provide otherwise.

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References to other articles of chapter 47. Storage:
Article 886. Storage Contract.
Article 887. The form of the contract of storage.
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Article 892. Use of the thing deposited.

Article 919. Storage at a pawnshop.
Article 920. Unclaimed items of a pawnshop.
Article 921. Storage of valuables in a bank.
Article 922. Storage of valuables in an individual bank safe.
Article 923. Storage in transport organizations' storage chambers.
Article 924. Storage in the wardrobe of organizations.
Article 925. Storage at the hotel.
Article 926. Storage of things that are the subject of a dispute (sequestration).
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