Article 902. The size of the custodian.

Article 903. Reimbursement of damages caused to the custodian.

Article 904. Termination of storage at the request of the bailor.Article 905. Application of general provisions on storage to its individual types.Article 906. Storage by virtue of law.Article 907. Warehouse Contract.Article 908. Storage of goods by a public warehouse.

Article 909. Inspection of goods during their receipt by the warehouse and during storage.
Article 911. Checking the quantity and condition of the goods when returning it to the merchant.
Article 912. Warehouse documents.
Article 913. Double warehouse certificate.
Article 914. Rights of holders of warehouse and pledge certificates.
Article 915. Transfer of warehouse and pledge certificates.
Article 916. Issuance of goods on a double warehouse certificate.
Article 917. A simple warehouse certificate.
Article 918. Storage of things with the right to dispose of them.
Article 919. Storage at a pawnshop.
Article 920. Unclaimed items of a pawnshop.
Article 921. Storage of valuables in a bank.
Article 922. Storage of valuables in an individual bank safe.
Article 923. Storage in transport organizations' storage chambers.
Article 924. Storage in the wardrobe of organizations.
Article 925. Storage at the hotel.
Article 926. Storage of things that are the subject of a dispute (sequestration).
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