Article 958. Early Termination of the Insurance Contract

1. The insurance contract is terminated before the due date for which it was concluded, if after its entry into force the possibility of an insured event has disappeared and the existence of the insured risk has ceased due to circumstances other than the insured event. Such circumstances, in particular, include: death of the insured property for reasons other than the occurrence of the insured event; termination of business activities in the prescribed manner by a person who insured business risk or the risk of civil liability associated with this activity. 2. The policyholder (beneficiary) shall have the right to withdraw from the insurance contract at any time, if by the time of the refusal the possibility of an insured event had not disappeared due to the circumstances specified in clause 1 of this article. 3. In case of early termination of the insurance contract in accordance with the circumstances specified in clause 1 of this article, the insurer shall be entitled to a portion of the insurance premium in proportion to the time during which the insurance was valid. In case of early refusal of the insured (beneficiary) from the insurance contract, the insurance premium paid to the insurer shall not be refunded, unless otherwise provided by the contract.

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