Article 972. Attorney's fee.

1. The principal shall be obliged to pay to the attorney a remuneration, if it is provided for by a law, other legal acts, or an instruction agreement. In cases where the contract of assignment is related to the business activities of both parties or one of them, the principal shall pay the attorney a fee, unless otherwise provided by the contract. 2. If there is no condition in the paid agreement on the amount of remuneration or on the procedure for its payment, the remuneration shall be paid after the execution of the order in the amount determined in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 424 of this Code. 3. An attorney acting as a commercial representative (clause 1 of Article 184) is entitled, in accordance with Article 359 of this Code, to retain things in his possession that are to be transferred to the principal in order to secure their claims under the contract of assignment.

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