Article 978. Consequences of the termination of the contract of commission.

1. If the contract of assignment is terminated before the commission is fully executed by the attorney, the principal shall reimburse the attorney for the costs incurred in the execution of the order, and when the attorney was paid a fee, also pay him the remuneration in proportion to his work. This rule does not apply to the execution by an attorney of an order after he has learned or should have known about the termination of the order. 2. The cancellation by the principal of the order shall not be the basis for the compensation of losses caused to the attorney by the termination of the agreement of the order, with the exception of cases of termination of the agreement providing for the attorney to act as a commercial representative. 3. The refusal of the attorney to execute the order of the principal does not constitute grounds for compensation for losses caused to the principal by termination of the contract of assignment, except for cases of refusal of the attorney in conditions when the principal is unable to otherwise secure his interests, as well as refusal to perform the contract providing for the attorney as commercial representative.

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