Chapter 11. Calculation of terms.

Article 190. Definition of a term.
Established by law, other legal acts, a transaction, or a term appointed by a court is determined by a calendar date or by the expiration of a period of time, which is calculated in years, months, weeks, days, or hours. The deadline may also be determined by reference to an event that must inevitably occur.

Article 191. Beginning of a period determined by a period of time.
The period of time determined by a period of time begins on the day after the calendar date or the occurrence of the event, which defines its beginning.

Article 192. Termination of a period of time.
1. The term calculated in years expires in the corresponding month and date of the last year of the term. For the deadline of six months, the rules apply for the terms calculated in months. 2. For a term calculated in quarters of the year, the rules for terms calculated in months shall apply. In this case, the quarter is considered to be equal to three months, and the counting of quarters has been going on since the beginning of the year. 3. The term calculated in months shall expire on the corresponding date of the last month of the term. A term defined in a fortnight is considered a term calculated in days, and is considered to be equal to fifteen days. If the end of the period calculated in months falls on a month in which there is no corresponding date, then the term expires on the last day of this month. 4. The period calculated in weeks shall expire on the corresponding day of the last week of the term.

Article 193. Expiration of the term on a non-working day.
If the last day of the term falls on a non-working day, the closest working day is considered the day of expiration of the term.

Article 194. Procedure for the performance of actions on the last day of the term.
1. If the deadline is set for an action, it can be completed before twenty-four hours of the last day of the term. However, if this action is to be carried out in an organization, then the period expires at the hour when in this organization, according to the established rules, the relevant operations are terminated. 2. Written statements and notices submitted to the communications organization until the twenty-four hour of the last day of the term shall be considered made on time.

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