Chapter 31. Me.

Article 567. Contract of barter.
1. Under an exchange contract, each of the parties undertakes to transfer into the ownership of the other party one commodity in exchange for another. 2. Accordingly, the rules on sale and purchase (Chapter 30) shall apply to an exchange contract, if this does not contradict the rules of this chapter and the substance of the exchange. In this case, each of the parties is recognized as the seller of the goods, which she undertakes to transfer, and the buyer of the goods, which she undertakes to accept in exchange.

Article 568. Prices and expenses under an exchange contract.
1. Unless otherwise arising from an exchange contract, the goods to be exchanged are assumed to be equivalent, and the costs of their transfer and acceptance shall be made in each case by the party who bears the corresponding duties. 2. In the event that, in accordance with the contract of exchange, the exchanged goods are recognized as unequal, the party obliged to transfer the goods, the price of which is lower than the price of the goods provided in exchange, must pay the difference in prices immediately before or after the fulfillment of their obligation to transfer the goods, payment is not provided by the contract.

Article 569. The counter performance of the obligation to transfer the goods under the barter agreement.
In the case when, in accordance with the contract of exchange, the terms of transfer of the exchanged goods do not coincide, the rules on counter-fulfillment of obligations (Article 328) apply to the fulfillment of the obligation to transfer goods by the party who must transfer the goods after the goods are transferred by the other party.

Article 570. Transfer of title to the goods exchanged.
Unless otherwise provided by a law or barter agreement, the ownership of the goods to be exchanged shall be transferred to the parties acting as bargainers as buyers, simultaneously after the fulfillment of the obligations to transfer the goods in question to both parties.

Article 571. Responsibility for the withdrawal of goods purchased under an exchange agreement.
The party from whom the third party withdrawn the goods purchased under the barter agreement, shall have the right, if there are grounds provided for in Article 461 of this Code, to demand from the other party the return of the goods received by the latter in exchange, and (or) damages.

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