Chapter 50. Actions in another's interest without instructions.

Article 980. Conditions for action in another's interest.
1. Actions without instructions, other instructions or prior promised consent of the interested person in order to prevent harm to his person or property, performance of his obligation or in his other non-legitimate interests (actions in someone else's interest) must be made on the basis of obvious benefits or benefits and actual or probable the intentions of the person concerned and with the necessary due care of the circumstances of the case. 2. The rules provided for by this chapter do not apply to actions in the interest of other persons, committed by state and municipal authorities, for which such actions are one of the goals of their activities.

Article 981. Notification of the interested person about the actions in his interest.
1. A person acting in another's interest is obliged to inform the interested person as soon as possible and to wait for a reasonable period of his decision to approve or disapprove the actions taken, unless such an expectation causes serious damage to the interested person. 2. It is not required to specifically inform the interested citizen about actions in his interest, if these actions are taken in his presence.

Article 982. Consequences of the approval by an interested party of actions in his interest.
If the person in whose interest actions are taken without his order approves these actions, the rules on the contract of order or other contract corresponding to the nature of the actions taken are applied to the relations of the parties, even if the approval was oral.

Article 983. Consequences of disapproval by an interested party of actions in his interest.
1. Actions in another's interest, committed after the one who commits them, has learned that they are not approved by the interested person, do not entail for the latter obligations in relation to the perpetrator of these actions, or in relation to third parties. 2. Actions to prevent danger to the life of a person who is in danger are allowed against the will of that person, and the duty to maintain someone is against the will of the person to whom this duty lies.

Article 984. Compensation of damages to a person acting in another's interest.
1. Necessary expenses and other real damage incurred by a person acting in another's interest in accordance with the rules provided for in this Chapter shall be reimbursed by the interested person, with the exception of expenses caused by the actions specified in paragraph 1 of Article 983 of this Code. The right to reimbursement of necessary expenses and other real damage is preserved also in the case when the actions in another's interest did not lead to the intended result. However, in case of prevention of damage to the property of another person, the amount of compensation should not exceed the value of the property. 2. Costs and other losses of a person acting in another's interest, incurred by him in connection with actions taken after receiving approval from the interested person (Article 982), shall be reimbursed according to the rules on the relevant type of contract.

Article 985. Remuneration for actions in another's interest.
A person whose actions in a foreign interest have led to a positive result for an interested person has the right to receive remuneration, if such a right is provided by law, by agreement with the interested person or by the customs of business turnover.

Article 986. The consequences of the transaction in the interest of others.
Responsibilities for a transaction concluded in another's interest are transferred to the person in whose interests it was made, subject to the approval of this transaction and if the other party does not object to such a transition or knew or should have known that the transaction was concluded in someone else's interest. When transferring responsibilities for such a transaction to the person in whose interests it was concluded, the rights under the transaction must be transferred to the latter.

Article 987. Unjust enrichment due to actions in another's interest.
If actions that are not directly aimed at ensuring the interests of another person, including in the case when the perpetrator mistakenly assumed that he is acting in his own interest, led to the unjust enrichment of another person, the rules provided for by chapter 60 of this Code shall apply.

Article 988. Compensation of harm caused by actions in another's interest.
Relations for compensation for harm caused by actions in a foreign interest to an interested person or to third parties are governed by the rules provided for by Chapter 59 of this Code.

Article 989. The report of the person acting in another's interest.
A person acting in a foreign interest must submit to the person in whose interests such actions were carried out a report indicating the income received and expenses incurred and other losses incurred.

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