1. The information constitutes an official or commercial secret in the case when the information has real or potential commercial value due to its unknown to third parties, there is no free access to it legally and the information owner takes measures to protect its confidentiality. Information that cannot constitute official or commercial secrets is determined by law and other legal acts. 2. Information constituting official or commercial secrets is protected by the methods provided for by this Code and other laws. Persons who illegally obtained information that constitutes an official or commercial secret are obliged to compensate for the losses caused. The same duty is imposed on employees who divulge official or commercial secrets contrary to the employment contract, including the contract, and to counterparties who did so in defiance of the civil law contract.

Article 140. Money (currency).
1. The ruble is a legal tender obligatory for acceptance at face value throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Payments on the territory of the Russian Federation are made by cash and cashless payments. 2. The cases, procedure and conditions for the use of foreign currency on the territory of the Russian Federation shall be determined by law or in the procedure established by it.

Article 141. Currency values.
The types of property recognized as currency values ​​and the procedure for conducting transactions with them are determined by the law on currency regulation and currency control. The ownership of currency values ​​is protected in the Russian Federation on a general basis.

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